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Ko Tee Weaving Order


Karen weaving shop

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The Ko Tee Weaving Order is a network of teachers in Thailand putting their skill of weaving to use for the betterment of Karen students in Myanmar. This project directly benefits students in the village of Tee Ko, Myanmar. This small village, disconnected from the grid and hidden away in the hills of the Karen State, has a dedicated teacher force in their k-5 school. The conditions, however, are less than desirable for learning. Through our partnership with the Ko Tee Weaving Order we hope to raise funds to create a more sustainable school structure with a roof so school will not need to be cancelled when it rains. Participating in this project is easy as it just requires some time to shop. The items made by the Karen teachers are developed out of traditional Karen weaving methods and utilize patterns consistent with traditional Karen clothing.

100% of the proceeds collected will go directly back to the Karen teachers and students

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at

Orders will begin shipping in June 2022

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