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Help students escape
war and go to school

Donate to our 2023
school fee fundraiser


When our organization was founded, we wanted to help facilitate change in the world of Karen children by empowering their schools and teachers. On the Thai/Myanmar border, the current school year is quickly approaching its end and families are beginning to prepare for the 2023-2024 school year. With that comes the challenge of tuition. 


The education systems are complicated along the Thai/Myanmar border. Migrant Learning Centers have appeared on the Thai side as a safe, secure, and consistent learning space for students from Myanmar who have no other schooling options. These Learning Centers provide basic needs such as meals, shelters, and healthcare, while also providing progressive, heavily researched, world class curriculum. For many students in Myanmar, attending one of these Learning Centers is a dream come true.


These services, of course, come at a cost as these centers are not supported by either the Burmese or Thai governments. They are fully self sustaining and run entirely on donations. This means students are required to pay a small tuition fee in order to attend. These fees include education costs, housing costs, and meals. They equate to about $30 per month or $300 per school year for each student. While this may not seem like much for a year of schooling, housing, and food, it is simply out of reach for many Karen families in Myanmar where ongoing war makes work nearly impossible.


Last year Thrive Karen, through your donations, sponsored three students to return to one of these Migrant schools. They were at risk of having to drop out as their families were unable to find the needed fees. This year, we are hoping to sponsor 5 students who now find themselves in the same situation. These students, who range in age from 5 -16, have big dreams for their futures. They want to be doctors, teachers, and nurses. They want to give back to their community and make the world a better place for everyone.


100% of your donations will go to the school to satisfy the fees required of these students. Without our help, they will not be able to attend school when the new year begins in May.


Please, consider donating and sharing our campaign with others so we can make the dreams of these five students and their families come true.


Please reach out to us at if you would like to learn more about these students or the work that we do at Thrive Karen.



Yinmin Htun

Age: 8

Grade: Rising 3rd

Dream: Become a nurse and help her community

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