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Basic school supplies such as pencils and notebooks are a must when learning. Unfortunately, access to these supplies remains challenging for students living in the Karen State. This project will focus on students in Moo Township. In total, this project aims to support more than 700 students in primary, middle and high schools.

Supplies can be incredibly difficult for students in the Karen State to access. The biggest hinderance to basic school supplies for students is cost. The families just simply don't have the money to purchase even the most basic supplies such as pencils and notebooks. In addition to the cost, the geographic location of Moo Township is also prohibitive. The remote area is far from any commercial cities where supplies can be purchased. Traveling to the nearest city in the Karen State remains dangerous. With the ongoing war, soldiers, landmines, and airstrikes remain very real threats when leaving one's village. With your support, Thrive Karen will be able to provide enough supplies to last each student an entire year.

Karen leaders have recommended that each student supply pack include 4 different items:

These items will be delivered to our partner schools prior to the start of each semester so students are able to have them for the first day of classes. Your donation of only $5 can help provide a supply pack for one student. Help us reach our goal of $3,500 to provide enough supplies to last these 700 students all year.

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